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The ABU Counselling Centres were established in the Main and Kongo campuses to provide a wide range of counselling and psychological services to help students cope with academic, career, personal, social, spiritual and study problems which interfere with their education.

To meet these needs, the centres offer to ABU students and staff a variety of services with the goal of resolving individual difficulties as well as nurturing personal growth. These services are inform of individual or group counselling.

The Counselling has three functions,which are:

  1. Rehabilitative Function: This is to help students who are presently experiencing difficulties.
  2. Preventive Function: This is to anticipate, circumvent and forestall difficulties which may arise in future.
  3. Growth Function: This is to help the student derive maximum benefit from his/her educational, social and vocational experiences to enable him/her potentials to the fullest.




   Dr. Sa'adatu Muhammed Makarfi

Head of Samaru Office

   Dr. (Mrs) S. Atiku

Head of Kongo Office

  Dr. Sa'adatu Muhammed Makarfi

Services Available

Career Counselling

Career counselling will give you an opportunity to explore yourself and your career alternatives. This experience will assist you in deciding your career and taking steps necessary to accomplish your career objectives.

Career Talks

The centres assist companies, commercial enterprises in organising career talks for prospective graduates in order to acquaint them with different career prospects.

Career Library

We have career library in each of the centre where students could read about different types of career and their prospects as well as get information on overseas post graduate studies.

Recruitment Interview

The centres co-ordinate recruitment interviews by government, ministries, parastatal, commercial enterprises oil companies and other organisations such as Banks wishing to recruit our undergraduate and postgraduate students for employment.

Scholarship and Bursary

The centres coordinate all bursary and scholarship awards at the international, national, state and local levels. Students should ensure they register under their states with the Centre.

Part-Time Work

The centres organise part-time jobs for needy students (who could work and still study) such as coaching, ironing, baby sitting, harvesting and gardening with the cooperation of our staff members.

Accommodation on Health Ground

The Centres seek hostel accommodations for our students who need accommodation on health grounds.

Financial Management

Counselling on financial management is usually offered to students/staff from time to time on how to spend their money wisely.

Registration of International Students

The Centres document and register all foreign undergraduate students from various countries and issue them clearance forms for their registrations at the Faculty and Departmental levels as well as for accommodation.

Practicum for Posgraduate students in Guidance and Counselling

The Centres serve as avenues for practicum for post-graduate students in Guidance and Counselling.


The Centre conduct research every year to evaluate our orientation program and on any problem idenified on the campus e.g a survey on sexually transmitted diseases on the campus was conducted as well as why there was mass failure among our students in 2001 and 2002.


The Centres organise and coordinate central orientation programe for fresh students and coordinate the faculty orientation programme as well.

Contact Information

Counselling and Human Development Centre

  1. Main Campus Samaru, Zaria

    Opposite Basketball court, near Amina Hall

  2. Kongo Campus, Zaria

    Opposite Football field

Office hours : 8:00 am to 4:00pm

Mondays - Fridays.