Post Graduate School: Postgraduate School senior staff list

Administrative Officers
The Postgraduate School’s administrative services are undertaken by several senior and junior administrative staff. The Secretary of the Postgraduate School coordinates these activities.

Postgraduate School senior staff list:
             Name                                                         Rank/Designation
1. Prof. AA Joshua                                              Dean
2. Dr. AZ Hassan                                                 Deputy Dean (Main Campus)
3. Dr.  Sani Abdullahi                                          Deputy Dean (Kongo Campus)
4. Mr.  Adam  Dauda                                           Administrative Asst. (Ag. Secretary)
5. Mrs Aisha Yusuf                                             Admin. Asst.
6. Rev. J.F Buka                                                  Principal Executive Officer II
7. Mr. VJN Okeke                                               Chief Confidential Secretary
8. Mr. UA Etubi                                                  Chief Typist
9. Mal. Mohammed Wada                                  Chief Computer Operator
10. Mrs Charity Gimba                                        Chief Sec. Asst.
11. Ms. AU Oguike                                              Chief Sec. Asst.
12. Mr. Tijjani Oladapo                                       Chief Clerical Officer
13. Mr. Audu Agada                                            Chief Driver
14. Alh. Ahmadu Aliyu                                        Chief Driver               
15. Mal. Abdu Mailafiya                                      Chief Clerical Officer
16. Mal. Ibrahim Abdullahi.                                 Senior Computer Operator.

3.4  Postgraduate School Board
There shall be a Postgraduate School Board, the composition of which shall be as follows:

  1. Dean, Postgraduate School as Chairman.
  2. Deputy Deans of the Postgraduate School.
  3. All Deans of Faculties
  4. Vice Chairmen of Faculty Postgraduate Committees (Asst./Deputy Deans (PG).
  5. Director of NAPRI, ABU.
  6. Director of IAR, ABU.
  7. Chairman of the University Board of Research.
  8. University Librarian.
  9. The Postgraduate School Secretary as Secretary of the Board.

The Registrar and Bursar are in attendance.

The Postgraduate School Board shall be the principal body of the School. It shall have the power to
consider, enact and implement policies on research matters with the following responsibilities:

  1. To initiate policies and act on matters affecting them.
  2. To approve, publish and monitor rules governing postgraduate study programmes.
  3. To recommend to the Senate of the Ahmadu Bello University for approval through the Academic Planning Committee proposals for introducing new courses and programmes curricula involving additional credits, altering or dropping of existing ones.
  4. To encourage scholarship, scholarly research and creative academic activities.
  5. To approve, modify or reverse actions taken by its committees.
  6. To regulate and control the activities of postgraduate study matters in the Faculties.
  7. To consider all submissions for admission, examination and graduation from the various departments and faculties.
  8. To advice the Dean or his/her officer on areas for improvement in PG activities.
  9. Shall endorse publications of the PG school e.g. prospectus and PG handbook.