Post Graduate School: History

The postgraduate School was established in 1980 to enable the University achieve a higher degree of emphasis and coordination in its postgraduate training and research. The school was also charges with the responsibility of assisting departments improve training programmes to provide qualified manpower for the University, other Universities, private sector, institutions of higher learning, public corporations and parastatals, federal and state governments. Recently, The Ahmadu Bello University along with the University of Ibadan and the University of Nigeria Nsukka have been charged with the responsibility of producing the needed manpower for other tertiary Institutions hence they should place more emphasis on postgraduate studies.

According to Statute 21 which established the Postgraduate School, the functions of the Postgraduate School shall be:

  1. responsible for the coordination of postgraduate programmes of the University including planning, coordination, administration and admission to programmes of study:
  2. to recommend on the provision of appropriate facilities for postgraduate work and to regulate the disbursement of funds allocated for postgraduate work:
  3. the regulation and enhancement of the quality of postgraduate instruction and research in the University. This shall include educational and contact within Nigeria and where necessary outside:
  4. promotion of publication of results of postgraduate studies:
  5. to monitor and evaluate the progress of work and to report to Senate at least once a year:
  6. to publicize the postgraduate activities of the University with a view to attracting enrolment and financial support from governmental, industrial and other bodies for the extension of these activities.