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Kashim Ibrahim Library

Established in 1962, the University Library System of Ahmadu Bello University comprises the Kashim Ibrahim Library (the main Library) and eleven other satellite libraries located in different campuses of the University.

The University library has always been at the centre of research and scholarship playing a major role in acquiring, processing and lending library materials and responding to patrons inquires.

The library management in the past few years has been striving to upgrade the IT skills of the staff to enable them cope with challenges of the information age. Read more..

The Ag. University Librarian

Dr. Kosoko Adu Momoh hails from Akolo North-East Local Government of Ondo State.
He had his early education in Iwo, Oyo State from where he obtained his First School Leaving Certificate in 1960 and his West African School Certificate in 1966 from Holy Trinity Grammar School Sabongidda-Ora, Edo state..

In the University, He has served in several Departmental, Faculty and University committees and also held some administrative positions such as Head of Department (1996-2000), Departmental Co-coordinator (2000-2002), Chairman, Information Science and Development, IDR, ABU (2002-2006), Deputy Dean, Postgraduate School (2004-2006), Head, Curriculum Unit, ABU Carnegie Corporations Project (2004-2007), Director, Academic Planning and Monitoring (2006-2007) and currently, the University Librarian (2007-to-date). Read more..

Library Policy

Library Policy can simply be defined as a guide to the operations and management of library. It serves to maintain standards and avoid inconsistencies. It is used to measure the extent to which a library performs its functions and meets its objectives as well as its systems and services.

It is within the context of the foregoing that A.B.U. Library Complex has its own policy in order to achieve its goals and objectives of supporting the Universitys functions of teaching, learning, research and community service. The policy covers areas such as funding, staffing, resource management, operations etc. Read more..