Urban And Regional Planning

Founded: 1972
E-mail address: urp@abu.edu.ng
Phone: 069550812

Brief History

The department of Urban and Regional Planning, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria was established in 1972. It is the pioneer department in the training of professional town planners at university level in Nigeria.

Since its establishment, the department has grown in staff compliment, number of programmes and student population. The academic staff members were initially few and mainly architect – planners from Poland, India and USA. Now, there are seventeen (17) indigenous lecturers who are pure – planners, geographer – planners, architect – planners and engineer – planners.

The department offers the two – year professional Master of Science degree in Urban and Regional planning, Urban Management and Tourism & Recreation Planning and PhD (Planning and Urban Management Studies) degree. Given the department’s leading role in planning and urban management education and training, and the need for increased supply of professional planners and urban managers in Nigeria, a 5 – year Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (B.URP) programme was added in 1988. The quest professionalism in the field of urban management and tourism and recreation led to the institution of Urban Management and Tourism & Recreation Planning programmes in 2008. The programme is now in its Twenty Eighth (28th) year and has produced 21 sets of graduates. The M.Sc (URP), M.Sc Urban Management and M.Sc Tourism and Recreation programmes are based on a balance of theory courses and studio, while the PhD is basically research based.

The student population of the department has grown from 12 to the current 518, about 92% of which are B.URP candidates.

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i. To impart Urban and Regional Planning knowledge by the study of theories, methods and techniques for spatial organization, and management of land uses and activity systems of regions and urban areas.
ii. To assist students to acquire constructive understanding of the social, economic and technological frameworks of development within the physical and other planning processes and the potential capacities of the frameworks for more coherent and relevant collaborative policy formulation and implementation;
iii. To provide students with practical experience of the wide range of planning problems and best-practices, and
iv. To encourage students to develop and sustain interest in specialized planning skills for further research and professional career development.

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The BURP degree programme in Ahmadu Bello University provides a broad based planning education and training, which assists in developing the students’ intellectual and professional capacities to a high standard. The philosophy is that of design oriented planning, to place the graduate mid-stream between the policy-oriented and technology-based planners. The course therefore aims at producing sound generalist professional planners who can operate effectively in the field of Urban and Regional Planning and related activities.

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